Rofancare Terms of Use
Last revision: June 24, 2018

1.Utilization of Site:

Rofan Care, Inc. (Rofan Care our, us, we) utilizes the named website and all affiliated websites, mobile tasks, and applications which state these terms of utilization (inclusively, the “launched Site”). Rofan care is a subscription or transactional package which enables institutions, establishments, and organizations engaged in the healthcare practices (“Practices”) the opportunity to appear at a superior position among the search results of an End User in a particular zone. Rofan care offers healthcare telecommunication technology through Services which allow our Participants to communicate their health background and interconnect with medical and healthcare professionals (“Service Providers”) to acquire healthcare and medical services (Serviceability). In using and obtaining services from the website, you are obliged and accept these terms and conditions. And also accept all conditions and guidelines which are published on the Site. If you do not prefer to be obliged to any of these conditions or guidelines, we dissuade you from using the services or website.

2.Medical Management and Services:

The list of healthcare providers and its entirety, who provide medical and healthcare services through Rofan Care are individually responsible and independent for all or any services they may provide. Let it be noted that Rofan Care does not engage in the practice of any medicine or partake in any healthcare licensed service that is provided by its providers. And in which each provider is responsible for his or her requirement and compliance with his or her practice. Please let it be noted that not one or the other Rofan Care or any third party who support the services or that may provide you with any resources or links to a service shall be held responsible or be liable for any advice received from any provider through the RofanCare link and services.

3. Subjects Matter of Site:

Not one single part of the site subject matter (Only medical information from providers pertaining to treatment) should be taken as a sponsorship, endorsement, medical diagnosis, or advice of any specific treatment or medication deemed to be safe, beneficial, effective, or appropriate for its participating members or patients.