Rofancare – appreciates your concerns and fears as to your data privacy on the internet and exploits its efforts to offer high quality service for all its clients. We have prepared this policy to assist you to better understanding as to data nature which we collect from your once visiting our websites on the internet and how to deal with such personal data.


We did not design this website to collect your personal data from your personal computer while browsing such website; we shall only use these data under your knowledge and consent. At any time, you visit Rofancare website on the internet, the server used by the network host at our end shall register your IP protocol, date and time of your visit, type of browsing you use and URL of any website in the internet which referred you to our website on the network.

Network Surveys:

Surveys operations which we perform directly on the network enable us to collect certain data; i.e. required information from you as to your vision and feeling towards our website. Moreover, we demand you also to provide us with information relating to service factors which we offer to our clients. Your replies are receiving our maximum importance and appreciation, as it enables us to improve the service quality level which we offer to our clients. You are fully free to offer such information as to your name and other particulars.

Connections to other websites on the internet:

Our website may include connections with other websites on the internet, Rofancare is not considered liable to methods of collecting the data, confidentiality policies and contents of such websites which could be accessed via any connection within this website.

Information Disclosure:

Rofancare shall maintain, in all times, the obtained privacy and confidentiality data which shall not be disclosed except if required under any law or once the intention of such issue is determined to be required or wished to be in line with the law provisions, or defend title rights of Rofancare, this website or its beneficiaries.

Data needed to carry out the required transactions from your side:

Once we need any of your data, we shall ask you to offer thereof as you wish, as it shall help us to communicate with you and carrying out your demands or orders, if possible. It also possible to use such data for marketing purposes or quality guarantee. Such data are not subject to sale to any third party to market thereof for his own interest without obtaining your prior written approval unless this is completed on basis that such data is within common data used for statistical purposes and researches rather than including any data which is possible to indentify yourself.

Call us for any inquires and comments:

All presented data shall be dealt with under confidentiality. Forms offered directly to the network require data which shall help us to improve the quality level of care offered for our clients. We shall use the data offered by you to reply to any inquires, notes or demands from Rofancare or any affiliated companies or managements.

Disclosing information to third party:

We shall not sell, transact, lease or disclose any information for T.P outside Rofancare scope or affiliate companies or managements. The information shall be disclosed only in case of issuing any official order from judicial or organizational authority.

Amendments as to the information confidentiality and privacy policy:

We maintain our right to amend conditions and items of rules of information privacy and confidentiality once this is suitable. Such amendments shall be carried out here and we shall always keep you informed of the data we obtained and way of using thereof as well as entity to receive such information.


Your concerns and fears as to data confidentiality and privacy is very important to us and we hope to achieve such issue from such policy.