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Dr. Ali Ahmed Al Rawashdeh

Consultant of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, holder of a certificate of specialization in internal diseases (board) from West Germany in 1982, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Graz, Austria in 1972. He has extensive experience in the field of the digestive system in more than one hospital such as Riyadh Central Hospital and the doctor is currently working in his clinic The one in Irbid


  • Abdominal Ultrasonography
  • Cholesterol Lipids Checkup
  • Diabetes Test
  • General Medical Exam
  • Sonography Ultrasound
  • Nutrition Sciences
  • Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy
  • Double Balloon Enteroscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Gastroenterology Follow Up
  • Alternative Acute Pain Treatment
  • Annual Physical Check up
  • General Health Screening and Checkups
  • Gastroenterology Follow Up
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Biliary Stone Removal
  • Bravo 48 Hour PH Monitor
  • Abdominal Ultrasonography


  • Nat Health
  • The Arab Assurers company
  • Mednet
  • Medexa
  • Jordan dental Association
  • Jerusalem insurance company
  • Arab potash company
  • Arab Jordanian insurance group
  • First international insurance company
  • Arab orient insurance company
  • Irbid District Electricity Company
  • Jordan International Insurance

Doctor Ali Rawashdeh

Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Consultant

Irbid, Irbid
Irbid - New Amman Complex - Ibn al-Nafis External Clinics 3rd Floor
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Today 18th May 2024 / 09:29 a.m.
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