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Dr. Naim Abu Nabaa is a consultant in gastroenterology and liver disease in Amman - Fifth Circle. The doctor obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and General Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain, and then specialized in Internal Medicine from Barcelona University Hospital in Spain. The doctor trained in the same hospital on Specializing in gastroenterology and endoscopy, Dr. worked as the Chairman of the Scientific Committee and Continuing Medical Education in the Jordan Medical Association, a member of the Jordanian Medical Association Council, the doctor performs double balloon endoscopy, treatment of colitis, follow-up of cases of digestive diseases, treatment of ulcerative colitis, treatment of wheat allergy, gastroscopy and esophagus, esophageal and gastric acidity measurement, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy and other services and medical consultations provided by the doctor in his private clinic in Amman.


  • Double Balloon Enteroscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Gastroenterology Follow Up
  • colonoscopy
  • Biliary Stone Removal
  • Bravo 48 Hour PH Monitor
  • Abdominal Ultrasonography
  • Intragastric balloon


  • Jordan commercial Bank
  • Jordan Enginneers Association
  • Arab Jordan Investment Ban

Doctor Naim Abu-Nabah

Gastrointestinal and liver consultant

Amman, Fifth Circle
Amman - Fifth Circle - Suleiman Al Hadidi Street - Al Saudi Complex - 1st Floor / Waiting time in the clinic is 15-30 minutes.
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Today 13th April 2024 / 09:17 a.m.
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