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Dr. Moath Al-Dargham Consultant of vascular surgery, interventional catheters, aortic surgery and varicose veins in Amman - Fifth Circle And interventional catheters, European board certificate in vascular surgery and interventional catheters, Jordanian board certificate in vascular surgery, German fellowship in vein surgery and varicose veins, German fellowship in aortic surgery and catheters, Dr. Berlin, Head of the Aorta Surgery Center in Berlin - Germany. Dr. Moaz Al-Dargham diagnoses and treats diseases of atherosclerosis and ischemia in the legs, diagnoses and treats chronic wounds and diabetic foot, diagnoses and treats carotid artery stenosis, diagnoses and treats aortic aneurysm in the chest And abdomen, and dissection of the aorta and other services and medical consultations provided by the doctor in his private clinic in Amman.


  • Aortic Aneurysm Repair
  • Surgical Aneurysm Repair
  • Venous Treatment
  • Limb ischemia
  • Sclerotherapy injection for varicose veins
  • Peripheral arterial occlusion surgery
  • Aneurysm Treatment
  • Treatment of blockage of the arteries of the lower extremities by catheterization
  • Opening clogged arteries and inserting stents with catheters
  • Diabetic Foot Treatment
  • Laser treatment for varicose veins
  • Peripheral arterial angioplasty
  • Blood connections for dialysis
  • Interventional Radiology


  • Nat Health
  • Jordan Bar Association
  • Jordan central Bank
  • Arab islamic Bank insurance
  • National Electric power
  • Mednet
  • Medexa
  • Med service
  • Jordanian Electric power company
  • Jordan phosphate Mines company
  • Jordan commercial Bank
  • Globe med
  • newton
  • Arab Bank insurance
  • AL Nisr AL Arabi insurance company
  • Euro Arab insurance Group
  • Jordan international insurance company
  • Jordan Enginneers Association
  • First international insurance company
  • Central Electricity Generating
  • Samra Electric Power
  • Islamic insurance company
  • Al-Israa University
  • Applied Sciences University
  • Islamic Sciences and Education University
  • Yarmouk University
  • Omni Care
  • Arab Jordan Investment Bank
  • The Hashemite University
  • Professional Insurance
  • University of Applied Sciences
  • The Electricity Shareholding Company
  • United Insurance
  • The first specialized

Doctor Muath Al-dergham

Consultant of interventional vascular surgery

Amman, Fifth Circle
Amman - Fifth Circle - next to the Sheraton entrance - Suleiman Al Hadidi Street - Khalaf Medical Complex - Building No. 18 - First floor.
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Today 28th February 2024 / 03:45 p.m.
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