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Dr. Fadel Mahmoud Abu Zahra, ear, nose and throat specialist in Amman - Bayader Wadi Al-Seer

Dr. Fadel Abu Zahra, an ear, nose and throat doctor, obtained a bachelor’s degree in medicine and general surgery, and then Dr. Fadel Abu Zahra obtained a specialty certificate in otolaryngology. Dr. Fadel also obtained a diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin/Ireland, a Jordanian Board certificate in Otolaryngology, Dr. Fadl Abu Zahra has extensive experience through his work in the Ministry of Health and health hospitals in Saudi Arabia previously.

Dr. Fadel Abu Zahra performs all treatments related to the ear, nose and throat specialty, such as:

Nasal septum adjustment.

Reducing the corneas of the nose through plastic surgery.


Removal of tonsils.

Aspirating ear fluids.

Audiogram and eardrum.


Ear washing.

Removal of a foreign body.

The doctor treats all age groups.


  • Auditory Therapy
  • ENT Follow Up
  • Hearing Screening
  • Otosclerosis Treatment 
  • ENT Consultation
  • Snoring Treatment
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Earwax blockage


  • Nat Health
  • The Arab Assurers company
  • United insurance company
  • Jordan Bar Association
  • Housing Bank
  • Mednet
  • Medexa
  • Med service
  • Jordan dental Association
  • Globe med
  • newton
  • AL Nisr AL Arabi insurance company
  • Euro Arab insurance Group
  • Jordan Enginneers Association
  • First international insurance company
  • Arab orient insurance company
  • Islamic insurance company
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Omni Care
  • United Insurance

Doctor Fadel Abu Zahra

Specialist ENT

Amman, Bayader Wadi Al Sir
Amman - Bayader Wadi Al-Seer - Main Street - Al-Bayer Building No. 58 - Above the Housing Bank - First Floor - Office No. 103 / Waiting time in the clinic is 30 minutes.
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Today 19th April 2024 / 05:31 p.m.
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