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Dr. Siham Al-Lozi, a consultant gynecologist and surgeon, obtained a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Jordan, completed a residency and training program at the Jordanian Ministry of Health and Royal Medical Services, where she has extensive experience in gynecological surgery, the doctor performs many gynecological laparoscopic surgeries Aesthetic gynecology, such as narrowing and beautifying the vaginal canal, treating urinary incontinence, treating vaginal dryness, lightening sensitive areas, and other plastic and surgical procedures and services provided by the doctor in her private clinic in Amman.


  • Female plastic surgery
  • Ovarian cyst treatment
  • Pregnancy care
  • Traditional gynecological surgery
  • Surgical and non-surgical beautification of the vagina and the sensitive area
  • Treatment of frigidity
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic surgery
  • Vaginal repair surgery and urinary incontinence


  • Nat Health
  • Med service
  • Jordanian Electric power company
  • Globe med
  • Euro Arab insurance Group
  • Jordan Enginneers Association
  • First international insurance company
  • Arab orient insurance company
  • Islamic insurance company

Doctor Seham Al-lozi

Obstetrics and gynecology consultant

Amman, Khaldi Street
Amman - Al-Khalidi Street - Jabal Amman - Al-Khalidi Street - Abu Hassan Complex - No. 81 / The waiting time in the clinic is 15 minutes.
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Today 21st April 2024 / 02:18 a.m.
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