Wood Lamp Skin Analyzer

This professional Skin Care Woods Lamp has a 5x diopter magnifying lens and uses UV light to diagnose skin conditions. It is a diagnostic tool used in dermatology to observe any subsequent fluoresce of the skin. Wood lamp is to help identify clearly the qualities, problems and the unusual conditions of the skin, in order to provide proper treatments, examine different skin, types or skin particles and conditions, detects imperfections in the skin normally to the eye. Allows esthetician to conduct treatment plan for proper face. -- Colors Specifications Light Blue: Normal Healthy Skin Brown Fluorescent: Pigmentation and Dark Spots Orange Points: Oily Skin Purple and Dark Purple: Soft Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Skin Lacks of Moisture White Fluorescent: Thick Layer of Skin and Deak Cells Light Yellow: Oily Acne Skin

100.00 JOD