Movable Digital Microscope

It can be used in dental clinics, ear, ENT clinics and beauty centers. The device can be connected to any display screen or directly to a computer.- The ability to save images and videos of cases in which the microscope is used through the memory card.- High quality resolution picture full HD 1920x1080 Pixel - Actual working distance MM250- You can control the camera and shoot directly through the camera or through the remote control that is included with the device.- Height control and the ability to control the magnification manually or through the camera up to 25 times.- A mobile trolley with three shelves with the ability to add a monitor and a computer.- The ability to network the nerve system through the trolley- 4 movable joints with one axis- The microscope head can be moved 360 degrees- Electrical plug on the trolley- LED lighting 5 watts with the ability to control the intensity of light- The ability to control focus manually or automatically by the camera- Cover to protect the device from dust and dirt.-

2500.00 JOD