BMS Autoclave Sterile Basic

BMS STERIL BASIC has a LCD display which simplifies the use of the device and monitors all the internal data. Stainless-steel chamber. The autoclave is made particularly user-friendly by the management and control software; each operation is shown on the display in English. All the device parameters are constantly monitored by the pressure transducer and the temperature probes. The autoclave has a thermodynamic system to expel any air pockets. Each cycle can be treated as “night cycle”. BMS STERIL BASIC is a type-N class autoclave with different sterilization cycles (2 at 121°C and 2 at 134°C).-- Made : Italy -- Material : AISI 304 Stainless Steel-- Width : 505 mm-- Height : 400 mm-- Depth : 18 Lts 610 & 23 Lts 690-- Supply voltage: 230/240 V-- Main frequency : 50/60 Hz-- Rated power : 1800W--

1250.00 JOD